The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

n’orma is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from a monocultivar tonda iblea. In the olive grove pesticides and chemical fertilizers are banned, together with anything which is harmful to nature. Irrigation is provided by rain alone and the fresh and breezy nights, even in the hottest months, ward off the attacks of insects and pests.   A very ancient cultivar, tonda iblea produces a bright green oil, with a strong fragrance of unripe tomatoes and freshly cut grass and with a hint of artichoke. It is delicate and rounded, slightly spicy and rich in polyphenols. The harvesting of the olives, done on the tree and totally by hand, takes place at the end of September and the beginning of October, when the fruit is still green. The olives are then placed in small perforated crates to prevent oxidisation and the effects of heat. Then they are immediately transported to the oil press. From cold pressing we obtain an oil with enhanced sweetness and roundness.