The project

n’orma stands at the meeting point of two realities, two different ways of living: at the same time modernity and tradition, nature and artifice, original structure and innovation.  Stones, tuff, lime plaster, clay tiles and wattle all belong to the ancient building techniques for roofs and vertical partitions.  Patrizia Sbalchiero, the architect, uses traditional materials and shapes to interpret rural living in a contemporary way: the white and smooth surface of the plaster is the background to the texture of the stones, thus marrying the solidity of the ancient materials with the purity and regularity of lines and volumes, to arrive at an essential form in the attempt to give order and rigour to the rural landscape.

The elements in stone and white plaster identifies the entrances, links, doorsteps between the inside and the outside, dividing the space used for living from nature. The openings are created in order to maximise contact between man and the outside, focusing on teasing narrow views of the space outside and also large windows revealing the open countryside.  The fundamental vision of the project is the desire to bring back contact with the landscape and appropriate the view stretching to the still unviolated horizon.

So the house comes back to life.