Max Zambelli is a photographer of Elle Decor magazine and of major advertising campaigns. He portrayed  our home. His eye has captured the intimacy of n’orma. His photos tell of a world gone and its present and they document the character of the building.

Lucia Braggion gave us shots of Sicily around n’orma. Views, angles and landscapes invite us to join them.

Junglelink, the creative tribe, is responsible for the graphics, packaging of our products and this website.

Elisabetta Reicher illustrated n’orma with her personal style and sensitive use of color.

Fausto Mazza conceives photography as a tale and he works on every shot as a writer. With his images he has created a synthesis of n’orma describing its essence and its story.

Fabrizio Cicconi and Francesca Davoli,photographer and stylist, knew n’orma listening to Davide Groppi. Their way of telling stories through images of houses and people led them here to reveal something about us. Two days and a half spent to rummage withthe lens in our world. Up early, a lot of work and many pleasant moments together to share thoughts and plans.

Journalist and photographer, Nicolò Minerbi also here at n’orma used his personal style that combines color and black and white. Although in the countryside of Ragusa his shots appear strong and sharp. His eye is intense and is not fooled by the bucolic and languid atmosphere. His pictures, apparently in contrast with the place and the landscape, instead show them in the most rough and authentic aspects.

Cardiff and his hand-worked cashmere. Nice and soft to wrap around in the cool nights at n’orma.